Let’s get, OH SO, real.

Stop thinking, start feeling.

Welcome! I truly believe that we all crave deep, authentic connection. That we all naturally have the ability to share what is deep, true and real for us, but that old stories, handed to us from, previous generations and society, often lead us down the path of bewilderment. I deeply know that the more we intentionally connect to our essence we have the opportunity to become liberated. We no longer have to live old stories.

My heart loves connection, feeling it, understanding it, reflecting on it and supporting people to connect with themselves and with the people they deeply care about. I have always been interested in connection and immensely concerned about what happens in between two people, or more, and how the earliest connections we have shape us, creates our inner community that drives our lives. Particularly what happens when we are isolated, lonely and unsafe.

My life quest is about the discovering connection with myself, my body and my people. To rise out of isolation and loneliness, to a joyful, creative and flowfull life.

I’m here to support you to find your ground, to anchor yourself, to turn unsafe into safe, to transform depression and isolation into connection, joy and presence. So that you can fill your life with self-respect and self-agency.

I’m a licensed psychologist in the UK and Sweden.